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About us


Aguiar Export is a wooden furniture export agency that works with the best furniture factories from Brasil. Furniture production vocation and tradition brought from the european imigrants with decades of expertise in furniture manufacturing.

Specialized in working with the most demanding markets in Europe and North America, suppling furniture to the biggest furniture importers from countries such as: England, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, USA and Canada. Besides all Latin America , Caribbean and some of African countries.

Our group of factories produce different types of products, with different type of materials such as reforested solid wood, MDF, MDP and natural fibers. Several types of finish, painting, hardware and handles.

The factories have their own forests, sawmill, dry stoves. So they can dry and conduct properly the wood to be procesed. High technology in all manufacturing steps , allowing eficiency, competitiveness and different products designs.

The enviroment concern is constant, throughout the use of reforested wood and proper disposal of industrial waste.

The quality control is in all production processes: wood quality and humidity, product assebly before the painting process, final inspection after packing.

We have a big range of products and we are specilized in developing new products according to specification of each market!